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Anthony Jannece unveils a Wondrous Adventure Story in his New Fiction Book

A new wondrous book called The Circles of Light – and the three realms has been published. This amazing book is full of adventure and compassion. The plot is very well made and its author makes his prose shine in every paragraph. In addition to this, the characters are very well defined showing a strong capacity to move your emotions.

A new fiction book called The Circles of Light has been released to the public. People looking for a wondrous adventure into the fiction world should read The Circles of Light – and the three realms as soon as possible. The Circles of Light – and the three realms is a joy to read as it is full of magic and wonder. Readers will love the enchanting and wonderful plot. In addition to this, the characters are well defined. The plot of The Circles of Light – and the three realms is really interesting. Led is the god, Luel who created the utopian world known as The Grand Circle of Light by combining circles of light and Ruk and Keira are the first two humans to set food on this utopian world.

Some angels with logical minds teach everything about these circles of light and the way these circles interact with one another in harmony. When the angels decide to capture the only elusive creature in the land, a unicorn, they put themselves against the compassion of Keira and Ruk. This is very interesting, because this dark side of the utopian, positive world of the Circles of Lights unfolds itself to give the story a new light. The blend of innocence and curiosity that can be found in Keira and Ruk is really incredible as they work hard to find themselves.

You will feel inside the utopian world, as there are tons of details. This strange world will unfold before you and capture your mind like never before. In addition to this, the smooth, lovely flow of the story will make you understand the plot quite easily. The author, Anthony Jannece, has shown tons of love and passion for this story, and you will notice this fact from the very beginning. Mr. Jannece is a very talented and gifted writer with an incredible imagination shining in every word of this fantasy plot.

The book is available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Circles-Light-three-realms-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00W3RB4X0/

About the Author

Anthony Jannece is the author of The Circles of Light – and the three realms. The book took Mr. Jannece 12 years to finish, and he is very excited about publishing this interesting book this year.

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