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Announcement of Anhui Provincial Tourism Development Commission Regarding Public Solicitation of Anhui Tourism Logo

In order to further expand and enhance the visibility and reputation of Anhui Tourism, highlight the landscape charm and cultural connotation…

In order to further expand and enhance the visibility and reputation of Anhui Tourism, highlight the landscape charm and cultural connotation of Beautiful Anhui Welcomes Guests All over the World, Anhui Provincial Tourism Development Commission now announces public solicitation of Anhui Tourism logo with promise of bonus. The details are as follows:

I. Schedule

Duration for entries submission: (Beijing Time) November 01, 2017 – 24:00 on December 03, 2017 (the submission time or mail arrival time shall prevail)

Duration for entries selection: December 04, 2017 – December 31, 2017

II. Scope of Public Solicitation

It is a global open solicitation of Anhui Tourism logo design. All individuals and organizations loving, supporting and caring for Anhui tourism industry are welcome to submit their entries. Domestic and foreign art design lovers, teachers and students majored in art design from universities and colleges, independent designers, professional design agencies, and other design & planning institutions are welcome to submit their entries in the name of an individual or an organization or a group (cooperative design will be deemed as team design).

III. Awards Setting

First Prize: 1 entry, bonus of 70,000 yuan;

Second Prize: 2 entries, bonus of 20,000 yuan;

Third Prize: 3 entries, bonus of 5,000 yuan;

Finalist Award: 10 entries, bonus of 2,000 yuan;

Online Popularity Award: 1 entry, bonus 1000 yuan;

Online Interaction Award: 10 entries, bonus of 500 yuan.


1. Bonus mentioned-above is pre-tax amount in RMB;

2. Bonus received by a team is owned by all team members. Bonus distribution will be agreed upon by team members. Organizer will not assume any obligation in this regard;

3. Where different authors submit a same entry, the organizer will identify the valid entry in accordance with the chronological order: the entry submitted first will be considered as the valid entry.

IV. Requirements for Entries

1. Recognition: The design should be highly recognisable, unique and creative, and be able to fully interpret the essence of Anhui Tourism in the perspective of visual performance and connotation. The theme should be clear. The idea should be innovative. The composition should be simple. The design should reflect profound meaning and offer rich art appeal and visual impact.

2. Globalization: The design should be fashionable and modern, and suitable for domestic and international marketing and promotion of Anhui Tourism.

3. Universality: The design should be suitable for a variety of occasions, and be able to be used on a variety of materials and disseminated through a variety of carriers.

V. Submission Requirements

1. Anhui Tourism logo design

2. Standard combination design (Anhui Tourism logo + Anhui Tourism promotion slogan). The slogan is not limited to “Beautiful Anhui Welcomes Guests All over the World” and may be self-created.

3. Explanation of design (size, proportion, colour value, etc.)

4. Explanation of ideas and concepts (express meaning, implied meaning, background, etc.);

5. The entry should be submitted in JPG format, RGB colour space, A4 size, resolution 300dpi. Documents including above Items 1-4 submitted once and for all will be considered as a complete set of entry. No charge will be collected by the organizer for entry submission. The author should bear the design costs and other expenses incurred from entry submission. No entry submitted will be returned to the author. The author must retain the original design with resolution of at least 300dpi (AI, PSD, CDR, etc.).

VI. Submission Method

1. E-version entry submission:

Website submission: http://www.ahta.com.cn

2. E-mail submission: [email protected]

3. Paper entry submission: Please mail the documents to Room 701, Tower A, Greenland Center, Susong Road, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province. Recipient: Liu Chao (Tel: 0551-63636266). Please indicate “Entry Submission – Anhui Tourism Logo” on the mail cover.

Author registration: For website submission, the author should fill in his name, gender, employer, telephone, e-mail and mailing address, and other real information, according to the messages; for e-mail submission, the author should indicate his name, gender, employer, telephone, e-mail and mailing address, and other real information, in the text of email; for paper entry submission, the author should indicate his name, gender, employer, telephone, e-mail and mailing address, and other real information, on a printed A4 paper and mail it together with his entry.

VII. Intellectual Property Statement

In accordance with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations, the organizer considers that, by submitting his entry voluntarily, the author/contributor makes the following irrevocable statement regarding the copyright attribution of the submitted entry:

1. Statement of originality: The final entry submitted is an original entry of the author/contributor. Neither the entry nor the materials used for the creation of the entry infringes any patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any other person; the final entry has not been published in newspapers, magazines, websites or other media outlets, has not been the subject of any patent application or copyright registration application, and has not been made available in any commercial channel in any form. Otherwise, the organizer will cancel the finalist qualification and award-winning qualification of the author/contributor, recover the bonus and reserve the right to hold the author/contributor accountable for legal liability.

2. Intellectual property right in the winning entry: For all winning entries (including First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize, Finalist Award, Online Popularity Award, Online Interaction Award), the author/contributor must promise and acknowledge that the creation of the entry is commissioned by the organizer, and that the copyright in the winning entry is owned by the organizer. The organizer has the right to exercise the copyright in the following ways (including but not limited to the following ways): to decide whether the winning entries are made public; to protect the integrity of the works; to exercise such rights as re-design, combination design, production, packaging, sales, display, publication, promotion and trademark registration of the winning entries. The organizer has the right to display and publicize all entries. Any other organization or individual without authorization may not transfer, reproduce, reprint, disseminate, excerpt, publish, issue, and make licensed use of the works in any form during the public solicitation activity.

3.Where the entry is involved in plagiarism or infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of third parties (including but not limited to infringement of third-party copyright), such plagiarism or infringement should be deemed having nothing to do with the organizer. The organizer does not assume any liability in this regard. The resulting legal liabilities should be fully borne by the author/contributor.

4. Before submitting the entry, the author/contributor has carefully read the above terms, fully understand and agree that his submission will be deemed to fully agree with the contents of this announcement. The “organizer” referred to in this announcement is Anhui Provincial Tourism Development Commission. Anhui Provincial Tourism Development Commission reserves the right of final interpretation to the public solicitation activity.

– Anhui Provincial Tourism Development Commission

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