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World-Renowned Psychic and Author Michelle Beltran to Participate in Third Annual Goddess Talk Sessions

I have indeed stepped into a powerful circle of heart-centered, divine feminine energy dedicated to sharing feminine wisdom, love, and sacred truth.
World-Renowned Psychic and Author Michelle Beltran to Participate in Third Annual Goddess Talk Sessions “Divine feminine gathering” headed by Transformation Goddess Shann Vander Leek for women who wish to “speak their truth” set for September 18 to 28.

San Francisco, CA – Seven-time best-selling author, award-winning podcaster, voice talent and “Transformation Goddess,” Shann Vander Leek, is gearing up to host the third annual Goddess Talk Sessions podcast, scheduled for September 18 – 28, and it has been announced that world-renowned psychic and author Michelle Beltran will participate in the two weeks of “divinely feminine wisdom, conversations and resources.” By registering for the Goddess Talk Sessions global event, participants will be inspired, empowered and transformed by some extraordinary women in the fields of personal and spiritual development, positive psychology, self-empowerment, divine femininity, energy, creative expression and more.

“I have indeed stepped into a powerful circle of heart-centered, divine feminine energy dedicated to sharing feminine wisdom, love and sacred truth,” said Beltran. “As one of the 16 featured Goddesses brought together by Transformation Goddess, Shann Vander Leek, for the third annual Goddess Talk Sessions, I’m confident I am going to reclaim my voice and speak my truth.

It’s been my experience that we often learn to be quiet and keep the peace instead of speaking up for what we believe in, and perhaps this is because we weren’t permitted to share our voice when we were young, eventually leading to shutting down as an adult. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that speaking from my heart – even if I can barely get the words out – is better than stuffing everything inside.” 

The Goddess Talk Sessions represents the avenue for any woman who feels like she’s not being heard, or is having difficulty asking for what she needs – indeed, these women are going to learn a great deal just by joining this sacred gathering.”

In creating the Goddess Talk Sessions, Vander Leek has brought together 16 of the world’s visionaries, artists, coaches, teachers, medicine women and Transformation Goddesses, allowing each of them to delve into their personal experience to share the details regarding how they learned to speak the truth and reclaim their feminine voices. 

“Many of us – and that includes me – have been tapped-out emotionally and our feminine voices closed-off,” explains Vander Leek. “We’ve longed to find answers with regard to our magic, voice, body consciousness, creativity, pleasure, nutrition, sacred healing, health, abundance, happiness, business dealings, relationships and self-care…but my greatest transformation occurred when I got out of my own way and asked for support from other women. Circling up my ‘soul sisters,’ wise women and spiritual guides made all the difference.

Now, we’re coming together for the third year to support women in bringing them the resonance, wisdom and resources of inspiration so that they may speak their truth and rock the life that of a Goddess.”

Registration for the Goddess Talk Sessions includes access to all 16 inspiring interviews with the featured Goddesses, easy audio access, 21 transformational “love offerings” and valuable gifts from sacred sponsors in addition to eight bonus gifts per week throughout the two weeks of the sessions from featured guests, which registrants can add to their Transformational Library.

For more information visit http://bit.ly/2spw1bl

About Michelle Beltran and Readings with Michelle, LLC:

Michelle Beltran is world renowned psychic medium, author, and intuitive expert. She has become a leading international authority in spirituality, specializing in psychic development, remote viewing, and mediumship. She has appeared at Hay House Radio was a speaker at the 2017 Hay House World Summit. She has recently released her new book: Take the Leap, What It Really Means to Be Psychic.

Michelle has a wonderful ability to see beyond the chaos and unravel the best ‘next-step’ for you. She is lauded for her accuracy and her ability to tune-in to your situation and provides direction for your highest good.

Visit www.MichelleBeltran.com for more information.

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