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Faith Faith’s forthcoming eBook, Blockbuster Branding for “The Little Guy,” will be available August 6, 2017 on www.Amazon.com

Faith Faith BBE, CTM, NE, branding expert, speaker, and author that is passionate about teaching people how to create a good and lasting first impression, using “The Magical Handshake” technique, this week announced she has opened a free contest for her branding services.


To be awarded to one lucky person, the entrants need to email Faith with their name, contact information, and 100-words or less about what they have to offer, a business, service, product, or book. The contest will officially close August 31, 2017, with the winner being announced on Faith’s website on September 11, 2017. The email is: [email protected]

“As a Blockbuster Branding Expert, I am going to be offering my services to one winner later this summer,” said Faith. “Together, we’re going to create a name and brand that will be absolutely irresistible to consumers. I am very excited to announce that the contest is officially open.”

To coincide with the contest, Faith will be applying her easy-to-replicate branding formula found inside her forthcoming eBook: Blockbuster Branding for “The Little Guy”, How to Rock What You Got: Business, Service, Product, or Book. The eBook will officially launch Sunday, August 6, 2017 and will be completely free for the first 5-days on Amazon.com. Blockbuster Branding covers the topics of how to create a persuasive business name, an influential brand, and how to register for the opportunity to be featured on Faith’s TV Show pilot for entrepreneurs.

“With a strategically crafted persuasive name and influential brand, anyone can transform what they offer into something that is enticing and compelling,” said Faith. “Spread the word on the official start of my contest, and head on over to my website to subscribe for updates regarding the eBook launch.”

For more information, visit: https://www.faithfaith.net/

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/DXoMQk7ilsI

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